"Ding-Ding-Ding! Theres the Bell...Round One....."

Contenders Slip into the Ring and put on the giant over-sized padded,
foam-filled boxing Gloves (Plus Padded Head-Gear)!

Its extremely difficult with the giant over-sized Gloves on - Let alone
bouncing around on the Inflatable at the same time!

Best of three knockdowns or falling down in mass hysterics wins!!!

Mainly for Indoors use - Large Sports, Gyms & Village Halls
Or Outside - Weather permitting!

Great for Teenagers and Adults!

Ring Size: A Massive 18' x 18' (We are not using the usual
smaller 16' x 16' Boxing-Rings plus they are built to the
very lastest Health & Safety Designs - No Ropes or Netting).

Wanna be a Legendary King of the Ring - Go on Challenge your Friends!!!

Hire Price: 110-00 per day. PLUS DELIVERY CHARGE
IF APPLICABLE, please click here for Delivery Charge.

To Book Call: 01981-570645 or E-mail us

We Deliver, Erect & Collect -You have all the Fun!!!

Bouncy Boxing are Great for Parties, Adult Birthday Parties, Stag Nights, Hen Nights, Weddings, Christmas Parties, New Year Parties, Anniversary Celebrations, Exhibitions, Shows, Corporate Events, Functions, Celebrations, Student Events/Balls, College Events, Military Balls, British Armed Forces, Large Family Parties, Christenings, Schools, Proms, Universities and Any Special Occasions or Events in Hereford, Herefordshire, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Worcester, Worcestershire, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Abergavenny




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