Covered in Fantastic Hand-Painted Art-work - Plus Sun/Shower Roof!



   "........Ball! Move-NOW!!!"

There are four inflatable podiums, one for each Opponent and one
very large padded Wrecking Ball suspended down from the centre!

Each of the four Opponents take their places on the inflatable
podiums and swing the wrecking ball at each other!

Dodge the large wrecking ball quickly in mid-flight as it comes towards
you or cleverly catch it and throw it back at one of you Opponents!

To win you must swing the large wrecking ball to knock your Opponents
off there inflatable podiums while remaining on yours!
Donít worry if Opponents fall, they will land on the soft inflatable bed!

Wrecking Ball is a Game of skill, strength, balance, co-ordination,
wit, stamina and determination!
Can be highly competitive, challenging & energetic Game for four people
that will be a hit in more ways than one but can also be Great, Great Fun
as well for Everyone!!!

A Game for four Opponents either all playing for survival or as
two Teams of two Will you be the last Survivour?
(Great for Team Building Events).
This is suitable for Adults & Children!
Plus Outdoors or Indoors!
Please Note: Unlike most Wrecking Ball Inflatables we have a Safety Wall
built around outside to stop Spectators rushing in while a bout is going on!

We are one of the very, very few in Great Britain to have this
De-Luxe Wrecking Ball -

You are hiring a British built Inflatable made with
Superb Craftmanship & Expertise!!!



Hire Price:Only £170.00 Per Day.
Please click here for Delivery Charge.

To Book Call: 01981-570645 OR E-mail us

      Got a Large Party/Event? Wanna have loads of Fun?
                         We can provide the Inflatables!

                                British-Made, High-Quality

Wrecking Ball also know as Demolition Ball, Demolition Zone, Human Demolition Ball, Human Wrecking Ball, Battlezone and Battle Zone are Great for Parties, Adult Birthday Parties, Stag Nights, Hen Nights, Weddings, Christmas Parties, New Year Parties, Anniversary Celebrations, Exhibitions, Shows, Corporate Events, Functions, Celebrations, Student Events/Balls, College Events, Military Balls, British Armed Forces, Large Family Parties, Christenings, Schools, Proms, Universities and Any Special Occasions or Events in Hereford, Herefordshire, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Worcester, Worcestershire, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Abergavenny



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