Giant Dominoes!

WOW! Dominoes - The 'Classic Game' - A popular Favourite!

Golden Valley thought lets make it much more Fun -
By using Giant Dominoes!!!

The Object of the Game is to be the Player to get rid of all their
Dominoes first!!!

Shuffle and place Dominoes face down - Choose your Dominoes
- With every Player taking a turn -
See if you can match your numbered dots together -
Yeesss ....youve got rid of all your Dominoes first - Youve Won!!!

(If no one can take a turn due to not having the right matching dots
The Winner is determined by the Player who is left with the
least remaining dots).

Giant size, Made of durable foam - Ideal for outside!!
Each Giant Domino is 18cm long x 10cm wide x 2cm thick approx.,

Suitable for 2 or more Players - Indoors or Outdoors!
Great, Great Fun for all Ages!!!


TO BOOK: CALL 01981-570645


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