No inflatables can be used outdoors if the wind-speed reaches:

38 kilometres per hour or exceeds this! 24 miles per hour or exceeds this!

These speeds are ‘force 5’ on the ‘beaufort scale of wind force’ which is a scale of measuring the strength or velocity of wind devised by sir francis beaufort in 1805. (force rating on scale = ‘fresh breeze’ small trees in leaf sway)



All inflatables must have a minimum of 6 stakes anchoring them down while in use!!!

All inflatables are different sizes small/large so they are anchored with different amounts of stakes which is often more than 6 stakes!

Golden Valley use the correct amount of stakes for each inflatable -but each inflatable we put out is assessed on the day and regardless of the correct amount that should be used we may add as many more as is needed due to wind, ground conditions and position sited!


We use stakes that are a minimum of 380mm long and 16mm minimum in diameter (with 25mm of the stake exposed above ground level)! The stakes can be ribbed or non-ribbed along their length. Golden Valley only use ribbed stakes for better grip in the ground!

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We use 1.8kg (4lb) club hammers to bang stakes into the ground (these club hammers are specially hardened & heat-treated) ropes minimum of 10/12mm diameter.